New AI tool can accurately diagnose eye conditions, could help detect Parkinson’s

  • Researchers in the United Kingdom have devised an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) program that uses retinal images to pick up signs of eye, heart, and neurological disorders.
  • RETFound, one of healthcare’s first AI foundation models and ophthalmology’s first, used millions of eye scans to help detect and treat blindness.
  • In multiple tests, RETFound surpassed existing AI systems and clinical experts in completing a range of complex diagnostic functions with less labelled data.
  • RETFound also accounts for diverse populations and rare diseases, which many traditional scans and current AI systems often miss.
  • Furthermore, this ‘transformative technology’ dramatically reduces the workload of human experts in analyzing and labeling retinal imaging.

By Jeanna D. Smiley on September 22, 2023

Fact checked by Ferdinand Lali, Ph.D.

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